Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun While It Lasted

We are not iPhone people.  This is what my husband reminds me every time I express an ounce of jealousy over something available to iPhone users, but not owners of Android phones, which describes us.  Ryan would quite literally give his life for the sake of open-source software, and I respect this belief and do my best to live with it.  Just imagine writing a master's thesis in Open Office, saving it, converting it to Word, saving it, and emailing it to ancient professors in another city, week after week, for months.

To be perfectly honest, my iPhone jealousy has very little to do with technology and a lot to do with fashion.  I really just want one of these or these, and all that's available for my phone is this.  So gross.  Don't designers realize that people with Android phones also have taste?

But last week, Instagram, the fun, instant photo editing app was made available to the Android market, and I jumped at the chance to try taking pictures and making them look cool, like I see on other blogs all the time.  I was a bit disappointed to realize that I can't post to Blogger or email my pics, once they've been made cool and 70s-looking, since you can only share via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Foursquare (what the heck is that?).  But it was still fun snapping random shots and instantly transforming them.  I felt a bit like a photographer, despite just using my Android phone in its wanna-be-cute plastic case.

Then, today, I read that Facebook is purchasing Instagram for a mere one billion dollars, so, in good conscience, I had to delete my pictures and my account.  There's no way I'm letting that squirrelly, little curly-haired guy near pictures of my boys.

You know I'm a privacy hound.  Plus, I'm pretty sure he's an iPhone user.