Sunday, May 20, 2012


My youngest sister just finished her requirements to earn her teaching certificate (Congrats to her!), and I realized that it was almost time to renew my own teaching certificate.  I haven't taught in a school district since 2003, and I haven't taught in a classroom setting since 2008, when James was born.  So, when I logged onto the state education site, I wasn't surprised to see that I'm not eligible to renew my certificate without 150 clock hours of continuing education classes.  Since Bradley classes and online webinars probably don't count, I have to let go of my teaching certificate, which I always thought of as a little cushion.  It was in the background, not being used at the moment, but there just in case I might need it.

And then I realized that I have now been a mother longer than I ever taught, and that struck me as so appropriate.  I am doing exactly what I always planned, hoped for, and dreamed about.  While I always knew I wanted to teach, in some form or another, I took a very roundabout approach to finding my niche in life.  But with becoming a mother, it was just something I knew I would do.  And I have, and I love it.

Sure, I'm in a bit of a tight spot these days as my sweet little babies turn into rough and tumble boys before my eyes.  I'm learning how to navigate the ropes of being a boys' mom when I am such a quiet girly-girl.  But, day by day, I'm doing it.  As they grow and mature, I'm growing alongside them, and I'm really working hard at taking care of myself, too, in different ways.

Since I can't, or don't, really think of myself as a teacher these days (besides teaching my little guys how to become respectable human beings), maybe I'll focus more on writing and this blog.  It's become such an outlet for me, and I've always written, in some form or another.  This summer, I'm challenging myself a bit with an online class that, hopefully, will help jump start my creative juices.  More on that later.

So, I'm tweaking things here and there, adding and subtracting this and that.  If things look weird or different on this site, just be patient with me and know it won't last forever.  Or maybe it will.

When I was in college, one of my English professors really believed in revision as the ability to "see again" with fresh eyes, and I always tried to impart that wisdom to my own students.  I'm definitely in a state of revision right now, working hard on the final draft.