Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Things

This is the view from my backyard today.  Even in the pouring rain, the Rose of Sharon is so lovely and vibrant.  The blooms don't last long, so we enjoy them while they are here.

This arrived in the mail today, and the packaging is so lovely that I had to save it.  The rouge reminds me of the kind my grandmother used to wear, and a dab to the cheeks and lips is enough to make you blush all day long.  The line is created by a cosmetics historian who loves the elegance of bygone eras, so I had to try it.
* * *

After school, James was watching PBS' "Martha Speaks," about a dog who ate alphabet soup, which traveled to her brain, enabling her to talk.  I thought I recognized the voice of Jennifer Westfeldt, who is the real-life partner of Jon Hamm.  A few minutes later, a character named "Ham" appeared, and sure enough, both Westfeldt and Hamm were making a guest appearance on the show, along with their real-life dog, Cora.  Though I recognized Westfeldt's voice and animated character right away, John Hamm threw me a bit.  He didn't sound like Don Draper at all (too bad!), and I think the animators drew him more like a young Kyle MacLachlan.  See for yourself here, though we saw a re-run, so I don't know if the second episode will air again tomorrow.