Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rhys

(Photograph by Mary-Beth Archer)

My sweet Baby Boy,

We are so happy that you came into our lives in such a wonderful way, and we love you very much.  You are such a joy to all of us, and Daddy, James, and I love you with all of our hearts.  You complete our family perfectly, and we would not be the same without you.

Daddy and I love your silliness and your ability to laugh all the time, so much so that Daddy calls you his "Party Boy."  You have a tender heart, and I know that you will be a very loving man.  James loves you because you are his best friend and playmate, and he can't wait for you to run wild with him very soon.

I love the fact that you are still so young and need me so much, and since you are my last little one, I treasure these days of babyhood with you.  Too soon, you will be walking away from me, as you should, and so I am enjoying this fleeting time of innocence with you.

I love your blond hair and blue eyes, such a striking contrast to the rest of our family.  And the way you love to cuddle and get butterfly kisses, which you eagerly attempt to return with your little, wet tongue.   I love your tummy, which has to be the cutest baby tummy in the history of the world, and the fact that you are such a great eater.

You changed our family in more ways than you may ever know, Rhys, and we are better and stronger because of you.  I wish you a wonderful day and an amazing year filled with new discoveries.

I love you with all my heart, Rhys Racer.

Your Momma