Friday, January 18, 2008

Dear Mr. Gore:

With all due respect, I hate CFLs. I think they are ugly and make my house look like the inside of a high school gymnasium during a pep rally. Those are not days I wish to revisit, sir, so I do not allow my husband to install them. Except on the outside of the house. I do not like my neighbors or their bare-chested hooligans masquerading as children, so I am more than happy to shine a bright light into their master bedroom window all night long.

I do, however, have CFLs in the office where I compose my blog. So imagine my surprise just now when one suddenly went out. All I can say is, "What the heck?" I thought these things were supposed to last like nine years. I am enclosing the light bulb, complete with its dark spot, and will expect a refund in full.

Yours truly,