Friday, July 27, 2012

Serendipitous Sea Glass: An Unexpected Craft Project

I don't try my hand at crafts very often, and when I do, I need something simple and easy that offers instant gratification.  When I found this pretty sea glass painting idea at Child's Prose, I was inspired and considered trying it.

I have a necklace of clear glass beads that is lovely, but when I wear it, the pieces literally disappear against my skin and it doesn't make a statement at all.  Ange gave me some great pointers to paint the necklace, and suggested using clear nail polish as a sealer once I painted the beads with glue dyed with food coloring.

Her suggestion inspired me once again, and instead of taking the time to mix the glue and food coloring, I skipped that step and headed straight for my new bottle of Ciaté Paint Pots Nail Polish in Superficial.  (Knowing me, there has to be a beauty tie-in here somewhere.)

(The Before Shot, still practicing my photography skills.)
I love blue and turquoise jewelry, and since the nail polish is a great shade of teal-slash-turquoise, I took a risk and decided to use it to paint my beads.  I don't wear the necklace often, and I started at the top with a single bead, just in case I didn't like the result.  But I was pleasantly surprised, so I just kept going.

To balance the beads and keep them from smudging, I literally grabbed my bread basket off the counter and hung the necklace from it.  That proved to be a smart decision and I was able to paint the entire necklace in less than an hour.  I then let it dry all morning and painted a clear layer of (what else?) nail polish as a top coat when the boys went down for their afternoon naps.

(Halfway finished.  I put some paper towels in the basket to catch drips.)
I'm surprisingly thrilled with the end result, and the beads look stunningly beautiful in the sunlight.  For the price of a bottle of nail polish, I now have a gorgeous necklace that coordinates nicely with my pedicure.   How cool is that?

(Still drying after the clear top coat.)

(Stunning in the sun.)