Thursday, July 5, 2012

Listen To Your Mother!

(Photograph by Jenny Rose Ford.  And yes, used with permission from my mother and sisters.)

My sister recently sent me this photo, taken at her baby shower back in 2010, when we were both extremely pregnant (her first baby and my second) and due within a few weeks of each other.  But that fact aside, what is remarkable about this picture is that it perfectly captures the story of our lives, with our mother yelling some hysterical thought our way as we explode into uncontrollable fits of laughter.  If I remember correctly, she and our youngest sister were pushing us on the swing, and my mom was cheering, "Push 'em out!  Shove 'em out! Way Out!"  Thanks for the support, Mom.

I've written about my mother's hilarious musings in the past: here and here, and since I received another quote this week, in the form of a late night email, I realized that this is simply a blog series in the making.  So, every time I'm the recipient of another piece of motherly advise, I will kindly share it with you, dear readers, with the permission of my mother.  I can't promise that it will be weekly, or even monthly, but when you see this picture, you'll know what to expect.

This week's first installment of Listen To Your Mother! comes in the midst of a busy summer season for me and references a book that she wants me to read:

"How are you coming with Jackie O?  I imagine you're a bit behind with little James and the hives and all.  If it's any consolation, my hair really started to grey when you were born.  Happy dyeing!!  I still loved having you."

And then, maybe inspired a bit by my recent blogging experiences, my mother decided to start her own blog, or she considered it for one night:

"Well, I think it was a good idea however, I have decided it isn't right for me.  I still like the title and it can always be out there but, I'm just not going to do it.  I'm too personal, too protective of my family and speaking of which, I don't have to look far from the old apple tree to find apples that are crazy."

When I asked if I could quote her, she replied:

"Yes, my dear, I really don't give a damn!!  I'll bet you won't know where that quote came from, will you?  Love again, Mom"

(To my credit, I do recognize a Gone With the Wind quote when I encounter one.)

And there you have it!  The next time my mother chooses to share her words of wisdom with me, you'll be the first to know.

Has your mother ever given you any hysterical advice?