Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Firecrackers: Fourth of July Fiction

This was my first experience using Polyvore, the amazing fashion and design collage site, and while it is lots of fun, there's also a definite learning curve.  When I started using it recently, I linked my blog to my account there, so when I published this set on Polyvore, it also published it here.  Live.  It took me only a few minutes to realize my mistake, but because of that, it might look a bit familiar to some of you.  I'm so sorry about that, and I appreciate your patience as I'm learning and trying new things.  

Nell was my beloved grandmother's name, and Kay was her best friend.  I loosely based these characters on them (and my own summers growing up in San Antonio), and I'm considering making this a regular feature, perhaps for holidays and specific seasons.  Also, I used clothing from Ruche because I love their vintage style and affordability.  (Nell and Kay are working-class girls.)  Please feel free to share your opinions and let me know what you think.  And you can also follow me on Polyvore.  Have a wonderful Fourth of July and enjoy the Firecrackers!

Summer, 1943

Nell and Kay had been friends since childhood, and the girls were inseparable as young adults.  This year for the Fourth of July, they planned to attend the celebration at the army post near their homes, and maybe dance with a soldier or two before the start of the fireworks display.  The war was far from over and everyone's thoughts were with their loved ones at the front, but today was a day to take a break and celebrate, if only for a few hours.

Nell, a refined brunette with a penchant for having fun, decided to try a bright polka-dot patterned dress, which she paired with bright blue sandals, a white floral necklace, and a sparkly clutch.  Working all week at the Five & Dime downtown, she was hoping to let loose a bit, eat too much ice cream, and thoroughly enjoy herself on her day off.  Her gaggle of brothers and sisters kept her busy all week, and today was a welcome respite from the responsibilities of everyday life.

Kay, the blonde of the pair, already had a boyfriend away at basic training in Mississippi.  She wasn't sure what their future would hold, and today she just wanted to escape her worries to spend some time with her best girlfriend.  Kay wore her trusty navy dress with the crisp white bow, but decided to have some fun with a red bangle bracelet and her new strawberry-colored espadrilles, shoes that she finally bought last week after saving her waitress tips for months.  She added her usual taupe clutch, but felt it grounded her outfit with a nice touch of neutral color.

Together, the girls walked arm in arm toward the main gates of the post, with the festival in full swing.  Who knew what could happen on a hot summer night, with the smell of popcorn floating in the wind and fireworks exploding across the blue Texas sky. 

My first Polyvore Set
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