Friday, July 20, 2012

Bésame Mucho

(A vintage beauty vignette in my bedroom.)

I've been using Bésame Cosmetics' Crimson Cream Rouge for several months, and I am falling in love with this company's dedication to vintage beauty products.  I recently ordered their new Brightening Violet Powder and Classic Masterliner Pencil in Cerise and Red for lips.  Both products are excellent and, because they are so beautifully packaged, I feel elegant just using them.

Violet, a classic, old-fashioned scent, is my favorite choice when it comes to perfume, and I knew that I would love this new powder, which softly illuminates your face.  The powder itself is very lightly scented, which fades quickly after application, and it goes on easily with the included powder puff.  

I was initially surprised at the small size of the powder container, but because a little goes a long way, you don't need to use very much and it should last for many months.  The compact size makes it easy to tuck the powder inside your cosmetic bag and reapply while you are out.  And, perhaps best of all, the container features a built-in sifter, so there's no danger of spilling the loose powder.  That's a very nice touch that I truly appreciate.  Here are a few pictures of the violet powder and its lovely packaging.

(Bésame Cosmetics Violet Powder in its gorgeous box.)
(A pretty little detail.)
(The vintage powder container.)
(The container has an attached sifter to avoid spills.)
I also use the two-sided lip liner every day, and because it is thicker than most lip pencils, the application process is incredibly easy.  Each side is also retractable, which sold me right away, because I'm not a fan of cosmetic pencils that require sharpening.  That's simply too much work as far as makeup is concerned, and sharpening should be reserved for knives and writing utensils, not something that enhances your natural beauty.

(Bésame Cosmetics Classic Masterliners Pencil for lips with two sides and retractable pencils.)
I am continuously impressed with the quality of Bésame Cosmetics and I hope to try more of their products soon.  

Have you tried any fun beauty products recently?