Monday, June 11, 2012

Currently Coveting: Rose Storage Ottoman

"Lord, what is covet?"  That's what my mother asks every single time she sees something she wants and can't have, which, let's face it, is often in this economy.  I keep a running list, on paper, of things I would like to buy, which usually includes makeup for myself, clothing for myself, jewelry for myself, and things for my home, plus a few things for the boys.  (What kind of selfish mother do you think I am?)  It's fun to have a wish list, and I like to save a bit of money each month to buy things I enjoy.

Rose Reims Storage Ottoman

Currently, I'm coveting this rose storage ottoman, something completely impractical, but I want it so much (imagine me saying that in a really whiny voice).  I've seen it for sale at Joss and Main and also at, and I really can't justify buying it.  Even though I have the perfect place in mind and it goes so well with my summer touches of pink, we don't need another ottoman or place to sit.  Though the extra bit of storage it offers is nice, I know the boys will only use it as their plaything, and climb all over it while wiping their hands and mouths upon the lovely, tufted cover.

For now, I am content with staring at its picture every few days, dreaming of its rosy presence in the perfect little nook outside my bedroom door.  I do check the price, hoping for a sale, and one day, maybe if I'm lucky, I'll take the plunge and purchase it.

It's such a silly little thing, this rose tufted ottoman, but it's so lovely to behold.

What's on your covet list?