Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pops of Pink

"Pink is my signature color," declared Shelby, the main character in Steel Magnolias, and that is a sentiment I share with the sweet Southern belle.  Since redoing our home in more neutral shades last winter, I find myself craving brighter colors as hot weather approaches.

This post from Front & Main, West Elm's design blog, inspired me to take the plunge and inject some pops of pink and coral around the house again.  I found these pillow covers and this rug on their site, and used my Design Dollars to spruce up our rooms for summer. 

These flamingo pillows are so much fun for summer.

I paired the pillows with a pink throw made by Ryan's mom and put one on each couch.  The boys love how shiny and smooth the fabric is, and since they are washable, the covers are child-proof.

The pillows, with the ottoman strategically placed to keep Rhys away from the lamp.

The Ditsy rug in the kitchen, alongside my pink toes.

Then, I dug out my pink placemats purchased from Crate and Barrel years ago and added those to the table in our breakfast nook.

The mats with a vase of geraniums and more flowers in the window.

All the pink touches brighten things up and coordinate well with the hot pink geraniums hanging on the patio.

Personally, I can never have too much pink, but these little bits are fun in a house filled with boys.