Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rainy Day Ramblings

Life with two little boys means lots of outside time (lots of it!), and we usually spend an hour or two outside after breakfast, then more time outside after lunch.  Today, literally as we walked to the door to go out after lunch, the sky opened up and it started to rain big, fat drops that drenched everything within minutes.

Now, I'm grateful for the rain, especially since we've been in the midst of a terrible drought, and all this rain now will help keep things greener this summer, but it makes for a long day inside with two restless little guys.  We were in the laundry room when the rain started, so I quickly looked around and found the boxes of baby wipes from our recent Costco trip.  The perfect playthings for a rainy day!

James spent the rest of the afternoon hauling his "blue blocks" and building walls and towers, and he even asked for them after his nap.  In fact, he's still going strong as I write this.  Sometimes you have to get creative, and in this case, a few bags of baby wipes did the trick.

And in other news, I may have solved my "Mad Men" viewing problem that I described in my previous post.  Since we have Amazon Prime, we are eligible to purchase the site's available instant videos, and they have the current episodes of the show's fifth season, for a whopping $1.99 a show.  I may have to indulge myself a little each week, just for fun.