Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Simple Things

Ryan and I aren't really what I'd call a romantic couple, and Valentine's Day has never been very high on our radar.  Still, it's fun to celebrate a bit when the rest of the world goes crazy with candy and flowers.  Today, we got to share it with our two sweet boys.

James' school held an "Elegant Valentine's Lunch" and we were invited to attend.  Ryan, Rhys, and I showed up expecting to watch James and his friends eat cookies and juice around their classroom table, but when we arrived, we were shown to our seats and promptly served the most delicious lunch of sandwiches, chips, and pink lemonade.  Sure, I had made a dozen sandwiches last night for the class, but it was such a treat to be served restaurant-style, and I didn't have to clean up after anyone or sweep the floor when we were finished.  Rhys enjoyed eating with his older brother and all the other big kids, and both boys actually ate their sandwiches, which they never do at home.

After lunch, we all paraded back to the classroom for cookies and valentines, and Rhys once again joined the party by sitting at the big kids' table.  Each child took turns handing out valentines to the class, and it was definitely a lesson in both patience and sharing.

Ryan, Rhys, and I slipped out after that so James could enjoy the rest of the day with his class, and since lunch was over and we had a few hours to kill, I was able to make this cake while Rhys played on his own.  I even got to read a book while the cake baked in the oven!

Then tonight, we all piled in the car and drove to our favorite taco place for the most perfect, in my opinion, Valentine's Day dinner you could possibly eat.  The Trailer Park is my favorite, and I like it extra trashy!

Now, both boys are sound asleep after a day of too much sugar and the house is quiet.  It was a really sweet day, and I got to spend it with my three valentines.