Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Marie Chair

When we redid things around the house, part of the purpose was to create a more relaxing office-slash-"man cave" for Ryan, since he works from home and also hangs out in the same space.  That meant that our giant green chair, which had been slipcovered and living in our bedroom for months, was relocated to the office, and I was without a comfy place to read, talk on the phone, and nurse Rhys.

I like the idea of having a lounge chair in the bedroom, because there are times when I need privacy, but don't want to sprawl across the bed.  I've been combing craigslist for weeks in search of a chair that would work, and yesterday, I finally found it!  Tonight, we picked it up, along with a small ottoman that actually goes well with the green chair, since Ryan needs a place to rest his feet when he's relaxing in his new man cave.

My mom is always saying that my taste is like Marie Antoinette's, which isn't really true, since I'm not a princess, don't live in a palace, and have a very limited income.  Really, I just like that fluffy, blue, tufted style that Sofia Coppola so beautifully captured in her movie, Marie Antoinette.

So guess what I found?

A fluffy, blue, tufted chair that is most definitely vintage and still in great condition.  And, even better, there's a story to go along with it.

The ad said that the seller was moving and selling all of her furniture, so naturally, I was curious.  Once we found the little garage apartment near campus, climbed the rickety stairs, and saw the chair, I asked where she was going.  It turns out that she's moving to Alaska with her boyfriend, and she has to fit everything she owns into two suitcases.  That's a journey far from here, and not without its risks, and I hope that she will be safe and happy.

As for the chair, I am already in love with it, and it's found a cozy new home in my bedroom.