Friday, September 16, 2011

The French Revolution

Yesterday, I received a copy of Restoration Hardware's fall catalog, or "Source Book," as they like to call it, in the mail.  This thing is huge and rivals the September issue of Vogue in both size and weight. 

The book is full of gorgeous items, many of which are French-inspired, a look I have fallen for recently, but one American-made piece caught my eye in particular.

For a mere $1,995, you can buy a reproduction of an early 20th-century factory lift, complete with an actual wheel that raises and lowers the mechanism.  The design geniuses at Restoration Hardware have repurposed this lift as a coffee table, but in my house, and I'm guessing it's the same in most houses with young children, the piece would go by another more descriptive and appropriate name.

The Guillotine. 

Seriously, can't you just see the blood spattering all over the perfectly placed Belgian linen sofa?