Thursday, July 14, 2011

West Elm Shout Out

In my ongoing effort to re-feather my nest, I've been searching for some new curtains for my living room.  I found a possible contender at West Elm but, alas, they are only available online, and we all remember what happened the last time I ordered something without seeing it in person. 

I took the plunge and decided to order only one curtain panel, with the thought in mind that, if it didn't work, I could return it to my local store.  I emailed the company before I ordered, just to double check their return policy, and they promptly informed me that I could definitely return online only items to a brick and mortar store.

So I ordered the single panel Sunday and it arrived today.  It works well with my decor, but somehow, between Sunday and now, they have raised the price of the curtains.  They weren't on sale to begin with, so this is just a price increase for no apparent reason.

At my husband's suggestion, and with more than a twinge of embarrassment, I called their customer service line tonight, explained the situation, and was promptly given the lower, original price to purchase the remaining three panels.  As I thanked the representative, she told me I should always ask for the best deal and never be embarrassed about it. 

Thank you, West Elm, for sparing my pride and for saving me some moula!