Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hate to Miss It!

So the Royal Wedding is Friday, and as much as I would love to wake up at 3 am and watch the nuptials on television (like I did for Fergie's wedding and Diana's funeral), I need enough sleep to get me through my regular day of chasing after two active little boys.  I also have a dentist appointment that morning, but I'm hoping the staff will be kind enough to let me watch the wedding coverage while I get my fillings.**

On a side note, I just read a nasty comment by journalist Tina Brown, who said that Kate Middleton's "prime function now is to breed."  Ouch!  I personally can't imagine facing one of the biggest days of my life with the whole world watching, but clearly, Kate is up for it, and I wish her all the best.

And, I ran across a picture of this poster recently, which made me smile.

**Update:  Who am I kidding?  I'll be up at 5 am, in time for the actual ceremony.