Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Deep Thoughts

My husband and I always look forward to the newest copy of Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog.  Sure, the clothing is pretty and the jewelry is absolutely delicious, but it's the short piece at the front of the catalog, written by the great Redford himself, that gets us every time.  I'm always so inspired by his writing that I've used it in my English composition class, even if it was to point out the need for some serious editing and revision.

Here's his gem of wisdom from the current catalog:

There is so much noiseAnd it's not white noise.  
It's manic and multi tonal--multi layered.  Sometimes my ears ring.  
My jaw aches.  My shoulders hunch.  My eyes wince.  
Where is the quiet, the calm, the space?

So what can the Catalog offer you at this time?  Quiet.  
Because there's no noise in just looking at pages.  And color, because the world around us seems so dark and grey.

As for the product?  Well, as always, that's up to you.  
Happy year to come.

Ah, Robert Redford.  Actor, director, champion of independent film, and deep, deep thinker.  He puts Jack Handy to shame.