Friday, December 11, 2009

The Coat Saga: Part II

I was just browsing Le Train Bleu's website, since they gave me a 20% discount on my next purchase, when I discovered something interesting. As I wrote my first blog post on the shipping mishap, I noticed that the coat in question, the Double Matinee Coat, was missing from the product page. I assumed that meant they were all sold out, so it was especially important that the girl in San Francisco get her coat on time and in pristine condition, since she paid $300 for it.

Now, it seems that not only is the coat back in stock, it is also significantly reduced in price, from $283.00 to $198.10. That's quite a sale. Since they had me send the coat back to the store in Portland, which will delay its arrival in San Francisco, I can only hope that they will do the right thing and give that girl a discount.