Monday, November 9, 2009

Watch Your Fingers!

Man, I am so disappointed! I just spent the last month researching strollers to get Babycakes through the next couple of years, and finally purchased a Maclaren Volo. I wanted something to keep in the trunk and use for short outings, and this has been perfect for us.

Then today, I see this. Apparently Maclaren is recalling ALL of its strollers after reports that 12 (yes, 12!) children had a finger amputated by a side hinge on different stroller models. OUCH! That sounds really dangerous to me, and I'm surprised that Maclaren waited for 12 little kids to lose their fingers before going public.

Maclaren is providing a free repair kit that will cover the hinge in question, and it's available on their website or by calling 877-688-2336. The only problem is that Maclarens are so popular that every single parent in the world who owns one is calling the number or accessing the site right this very minute, so I can't seem to get through either way. The article I read mentioned that the recall wasn't supposed to be announced until tomorrow, so I suppose it's possible that the site and phone number aren't up yet.

Babycakes is too small to reach the dreaded hinge yet, so we'll just be extra careful until we get the kit.

But still, 12 little fingers is a lot!