Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where'd You Hear That?

Earlier this week, Babycakes and I made a quick trip to BabyEarth to get some diaper liners, and we waited in line behind another mom with a toddler and a baby. The toddler picked up a pair of pink sunglasses and asked her mom if they were for boys or girls. I assume she's figuring out gender roles at the moment, so her mom said, "Anyone can use them, but most people usually give pink to girls." I thought that was a good way to explain things to a young child, especially while standing in an organic baby store surrounded by other mothers who were in earshot of her answer. Had we been in Babies R Us, you know she just would have said, "girls."

Also, my mother had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she sat near another woman in the waiting room. She noticed that the woman didn't have a purse with her, so when her cell phone rang, she removed it from her bra to answer it. I mean, where else would you keep it? The woman then proceeded to tell the caller, in a completely normal tone of voice, that she was at the doctor because she found blood in her stool. As my mother listened, in absolute horror, the woman explained to the caller that, after finding the blood, she then called her urologist (because, duh, that's who you call when you find blood in your stool!), and he told her that her "health condition" (her words) would not cause something like that. So there she sat, having a totally private conversation for all to hear in the middle of the doctor's office, next to my poor mother. If she was that direct on the phone in public, I shudder to think what she said to the doctor. That poor, poor man.

I guess it serves us right for eavesdropping.