Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sister Myotis

I have to thank my mom for turning me on to this crazy lady. In the south, you rub elbows with women like this on a regular basis, and Sister Myotis happens to be the exact combination of the two receptionists, Miss J. and Miss C., at my rheumatologist's office. I swear on all that is southern fried!

My doctor recently moved to the third floor of the hospital, and Miss J. called my house one morning last week at 6:45 to remind me of my appointment. Now, when I sold Mary Kay (which is another blog post entirely), I learned that business hours are from 9 am to 9 pm. So when the phone rang that early, I naturally thought someone had died. But it was just Miss J., telling me to take the elevator to the third floor and enter through the doorway that says, "Rheumatology." Thanks, lady! Lucky for her, Babycakes was sleeping soundly and did not wake up.

And then there's Miss C., who keeps 5x7 pictures of all of her grandchildren on the reception desk. Once, I heard a man remark that the kids all looked alike, and she answered, "My daughters married two brothers." Well, there you have it. Only in the south.