Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Works For Me: Solvere Acne Clearing Products

I've always had oily skin, but it didn't truly become acne-prone until I was trying to conceive my first baby.  And since I've been either breastfeeding or pregnant since 2008, I've had to be extremely careful with the types of acne products I can safely use.  Prescription-strength azelaic acid works fairly well and is safe while pregnant and breastfeeding, but it doesn't completely eliminate my hormonal breakouts.  Since my dermatologist told me to come back when I'm not nursing and she'll prescribe something stronger, I've been on the search for a cleanser that will help prevent breakouts while not irritating my sensitive skin.

I've tried my fair share of acne cleansers over the years, from mail-order clubs to department store brands, and everything in between.  Dermatologists recommend using only a mild cleanser or bar, but I've found that I need something stronger to stay acne-free.  I can't remember how I ran across it, but Solvere Acne Clearing Cleanser has solved most of the issues I had with other cleansers.  It contains 2% salicylic acid, the amount considered most helpful when treating acne, and since I just put it on and rinse right away, there's no residue settling into my skin, so it's safe while breastfeeding.  (Large amounts of salicylic acid, in the topical form like a peel or taken orally, are not recommended during pregnancy.)

Solvere's cleanser is extremely thick, almost the consistency of shampoo, so a little goes a long way.  I also find that, because of the acid, I only need to use it at night, and then I just wash my face with a much gentler cleanser like Cetaphil in the morning.  I'm also a fan of Solvere's Fortified Moisturizer, which is rich and creamy without blocking pores.  Both products help to prevent breakouts and I'm really thrilled with their performance.  Plus, they are comparable in price to drugstore brands and come in large quantities, so they are very easy on your wallet.

It took me a long time to find the right products for my skin and my current state of motherhood, but these really work for me, and I hope they might help you, too.