Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Memories

We spent the weekend visiting family and heading off for a mini-vacation to Blanco, Texas.  It was a busy, but fun and relaxing, weekend.  This week marks the end of James' first school year and the beginning of summer for us.  Here are a few highlights from our trip.

Elevator rides are always a blast!

The Texas hill country.

Another view beyond the hotel.

Roses at the hotel.

Please don't pick the flowers!

Enjoying the scenery.

Brieger Pottery, purveyor of Hill Country Lavender goods.
The Blanco Courthouse.
Wandering near the town square.

Wild thistles are always so pretty.

Texas wildflowers.

A lovely pergola.

The city park runs into Blanco State Park.

The Blanco River at the state park.