Friday, March 9, 2012

Operation Elmo Rescue

Spring Break is next week, and to celebrate, James is spending a few days with his Nana and Papa in San Antonio.  Since Rhys isn't quite ready for overnight trips away from us yet, I wanted him to have a treat, too.  He's quite an Elmo fan these days, so I found a stuffed version of the little monster on Amazon, and best of all, it doesn't require batteries.

Elmo arrived tonight, and I was shocked to find him in such a state when I opened the box.

I'm no photographer, as I've mentioned before, but you can see from the picture that his eyes are blindfolded, his hands are wrapped behind his back, and he's literally gasping for air inside that plastic bag, which had the usual warning printed on it.

I'm thinking that, for less than $15 and free shipping, I might need to rescue some more innocent plush dolls.