Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ready or Not

I still can't believe it, but in less than one month, my sweet, oldest son will start pre-school.  Sure, it's only two days a week, but this will be the beginning of an entirely new routine for our family and the first of many major milestones for James.

We've been talking about school since I enrolled him last spring, but I'm not sure James is totally convinced that he's actually going.  We drive by the playground regularly so he can see it, and he is convinced that he will ride the school bus every morning.  I've explained that I will drive him, since his school is in our neighborhood and there isn't a bus, and he's pretty disappointed about that.  In fact, the last time we talked about it, I said something like, "Mommy will drive you to school," and he replied, "You are driving me nuts."  Thanks a lot!

We actually have to go school shopping for supplies this year and there's also an orientation meeting to attend at 7 pm one evening, which is the absolute worst time of day for us, or to be honest, for Rhys.  But, somehow, we'll manage, with or without a crying baby brother in tow.

My youngest sister is a pre-school teacher, and she headed back to work this week to prepare for her upcoming year.  I spent several years in her shoes, and it absolutely amazes me to think that, a couple of blocks from my house, two teachers are preparing a classroom for my son, with a cubby with his name on it.  How is that even possible, when he is still so new?

I know I'm overprotective, and I want to give James room to grow and test out this new experience, but I'm pretty sure there will be tears on September 6th, and they might not fall from my two-year-old's eyes.