Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Sweetest Day

This morning, while your little brother slept, dear James, we played outside in the shade.  You helped me wheel in the trash can, one of your favorite things in the entire world, and then I squirted some shaving cream into your little pool for you to play with.  At first, you were tentative, so I told you it was okay to make a mess, which you considered for a bit before jumping in wholeheartedly. 

My heart ached a bit as I watched you play, because I know that you will not always be so enraptured by the smallest and simplest of things.  You will start school in a few months and be bound to a schedule, if only twice a week, and these quiet days of babyhood that you and I share will begin to fade.  Others will know and love you, you'll have secrets I won't share, and experiences I won't witness.

I know that's the natural progression of things, and I can't hold you back when you are so hungry for knowledge.  But just for today, and hopefully many more this summer, I'll enjoy the time I have you all to myself.