Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mrs. Munoz Knows Best

I left my hometown of San Antonio almost ten years ago, but I like to follow its goings-on via the local paper and gossip from my mom.

This week, I read about a new health campaign started by the University Health System, a local public hospital system, to educate San Antonio residents on basic health issues. Instead of using a medical professional to relay information about the need for yearly mammograms beginning at age 40, diabetes management, and safe sex, the campaign's spokesperson is the lovable Mrs. Munoz, a grandmotherly figure familiar to everyone.

If you grew up in San Antonio, chances are you know a woman like this, who kindly provides information on a variety of topics, usually gleaned from second- or third-hand sources, like the priest at church or the nephew of her closest friend. 

The idea came about when the campaign's creators realized that most people will take medical advice from their grandmother more willingly than from a doctor or nurse; and Mrs. Munoz dishes out her wisdom in short, humorous spurts, usually while standing at her kitchen sink, surrounded by ceramic chickens, a medallion of Jesus dangling from her neck.

Billboards with her image are popping up all over San Antonio, and her videos are on YouTube, as well.  Check her out; she's hilarious!