Monday, January 31, 2011

Duped by Downton Abbey!

I spent each Sunday night in January glued to Masterpiece Theatre's miniseries, Downton Abbey, and I tuned in last night for the conclusion.  Little did I know that it was all a cruel joke perpetuated by the conniving folks at PBS, who strung me along for four long weeks, only to throw everything up in the air at the last minute with the revelation that a "second season is currently in production."

What the heck?  Nothing was resolved and, according to Wikipedia, I have to wait over a year to find out what happened to the Crawley family, since filming doesn't even start until March and the show won't air in England until the fall of 2011.  That means we won't get it until 2012.  By then, I'll have forgotten all about it and I'll need a recap, a la Lost, to remind me of the premise. 

If this is a ploy for donations from public television, you can count me out.  As my mom said last night, after we ranted over the phone, "They're not getting one red cent from me and I'm going back to CBS!"

Stay tuned.