Thursday, April 15, 2010


Since I'm pregnant with hyperthyroidism, I have my thyroid levels checked monthly. It's a minor inconvenience that only takes a few minutes, and I'm usually rewarded with a chance to observe some pretty strange behavior from the other patients and staff in the clinic. Today was no exception.

As I signed in at the desk, a man came up behind me and asked the receptionist if he was in the right place, because, as he explained, he "needed a DNA test for paternity." He said it so loudly and proudly that it caught the receptionist off guard for a second. I thought stuff like that only happened on television.

Then, as I sat down, I heard someone crying hysterically inside the lab, and I assumed it was a child. They don't do pediatric draws at this clinic, but I thought maybe a child was having a fit. A minute later, the door opened and a middle-aged woman was wheeled from the lab, sniffling and wiping away tears!

And finally, since the clinic is attached to a large hospital, it's not uncommon to see hospital patients as they are discharged. It is unusual, however, to see them walking around in their gowns, and that's what I saw today. A man in a hospital gown and no shoes walked through the reception area and out the front door, presumably to get some air. At least he had the decency to put on a second gown to cover his backside, but still. Some people have no shame, I guess.

I just wish Babycakes, who was with me and witnessed all of these events, was able to enjoy them as much as I did.