Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What the Tech?

I am the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about football, so I am really confused about the situation with Texas Tech University's coach, Mike Leach. Apparently, it's standard procedure to confine a concussed player to a "small, dark place" as punishment for his injury. And by "small, dark place," I think they mean a storage shed, because that's the shot I saw on the local news. Just don't do it to the son of a former NFL player and current ESPN host.

I mean, what do you expect from a place that hurls tortillas at football games and, according to my cousin who used to play for Tech, encourages the players to push their dorm beds together for more space?

Something is rotten in Lubbock, y'all. They're almost making A&M look normal. (Sorry, Katie!)