Friday, August 29, 2008

Smooth Move!

Well played, John McCain! I, for one, did not see that coming! Of course, Sarah Palin is so conservative that she might as well have a penis. That being said, I'm still amazed at how conflicted I feel about this whole mess. You really managed to shake me up, old man.

As a woman, and a mother expecting my first child, I truly want to like this mother of five who recently gave birth to a son with Down Syndrome. What an example she can set for our daughters: the idea that you really can do it all.

Unfortunately, motherhood is the only trait I share with Governor Palin, and that's not enough to sway me. I just hope it won't be enough to sway Hillary Clinton supporters.

As a feminist, I could not, in good conscience, vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman, when another candidate appealed to me more. I have no doubt that a woman will be president one day, so I voted for the person who spoke most clearly to my concerns. I only hope that other voters, especially women, will do the same.

Shame on you, John McCain, for thinking you could lure votes with this tactic. It seems more like a sneaky chess move than a true desire to improve the state of our country. And that's whats most important, isn't it?