Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There She Goes Again...

So I'm flipping through the January Vogue, and what do I spy on page 126, smack in the middle of the spring fashion spread? None other than Natalia Vodianova, a current "It" girl dressed in John Galliano, inspired by the original "It" girl herself, Little Edie Beale. In this photograph, the model is wearing a fishtail skirt (right side up) and a pink cardigan pulled askew and held in place by an oversized broach. Her head is wrapped in a pearly-gray cardigan with a bow-shaped broach to the side, a la Edie.

As Sally Singer explains in the text that accompanies the spread, "sometimes--in times of chronic war, say--we need fashion to keep alive the idea that the world can be a beautiful, gentle place." It's the revolutionary costume for today.