Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Stephenville Sighting: Part II

This could not get any better if I'd written it myself! So, it turns out that the military is now confirming it did indeed have ten F-16s flying in the area around Stephenville, Texas on the night of the supposed UFO sighting. Remember that one woman reported seeing fighter jets take off after the ship in a desperate attempt to catch up to it. And for UFO experts, this update by the military points to only one explanation: a cover up.

I'm not sure what's really going on in the skies above Stephenville. I guess it's possible that creatures from another galaxy are planning to take over the world, or maybe they want to grab some Dublin Dr. Pepper for their spawn. I'm just enjoying the comments of Steve Allen, the pilot who likened the UFO to a Wal-Mart flying across the Texas sky.

In this latest development, Mr. Allen shares his disgust for the military's apparent carelessness in dealing with its aircraft. "It's terrible they can't keep any better track of ten F-16s than that," Mr. Allen told a reporter. "I can tell you where my dog's at, at the moment."

My sentiments exactly, sir. Please keep them coming.